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Life Stories

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  • Easton Olympians  - My House
    Easton Olympians - My House
    "I believe you can struggle through if you have ambition" - a fifty year-old woman fulfills an ambition by buying her own home in Britain.
  • Easton Olympians - A Stitch in Time
    Easton Olympians - A Stitch in Time
    "If they want me to show them, I'll show them"

    Pastora Barrant puts her patchwork skills to good use and finds time to teach others too.
  • Easton Olympians - Family Tree
    Easton Olympians - Family Tree
    "Once at the top I felt truly invincible"

    Fleeing from the clutches of an angry older sister, seven year-old Maggie discovers she's a natural tree…
  • Easton Olympians - Food Science
    Easton Olympians - Food Science
    "There were no words to explain my happiness "

    After 25 years working in the food industry Amir Ahamed returned to college to fulfil an ambition.
  • Easton Olympians - In Memory
    Easton Olympians - In Memory
    "Even though he was gone he was still making us laugh.

    A moving account about how laughter can overcome loss.
  • Easton Olympians - Malik's
    Easton Olympians - Malik's
    "I am one of those people that cannot just sit at home and relax"

    Sajid Malik's parents couldn't speak English and had no experience in running a…
  • Easton Olympians - Nursing a Dream
    Easton Olympians - Nursing a Dream
    "I was usually a frontrunner at school. Now I had a profession, and it was important."

    Madge Douglas recalls coming to England from Jamaica in…
  • Easton Olympians - Political Pride
    Easton Olympians - Political Pride
    "I had a chauffeur for official purposes, a gavel to keep order in meetings and the keys to the Chairman’s sherry cabinet – the important…
  • Easton Olympians - Stapleton Road
    Easton Olympians - Stapleton Road
    "I like it here. I’ve always said that. I’m part of the furniture"

    When the Home Secretary brands their high street one of the worst roads in…
  • Easton Olympians - Tariq's Bakery
    Easton Olympians - Tariq's Bakery
    "Against all the odds though, I want to keep going"

    Opening a new business is a brave and difficult step. Awad Tariq describes the struggles of…
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