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Background documentation for Rugby league oral histories

In this Group

  • itinerary
    Timetable for the oral history rugby league day
  • oral history guidelines
    oral history guidelines
    simple guidelines on how to conduct oral history interviews and make recordings, created by the Project Manager, Janette Martin.
  • press release
    press release
    press release sent to local media prior to the event
  • Project report
    Project report
    completed evaluation for the People's Record Phase 2:community projects
  • questions for Alan Smith
    questions for Alan Smith
    These questions were tailored to fit Alan Smith's own career
  • questions for Billy Thompson
    questions for Billy Thompson
    These questions were tailored to fit Billy Thompson's experiences as a referee rather than as a player
  • questions for Derek Hallas
    questions for Derek Hallas
    These questions were tailored to fit Derek Hallas's own career
  • questions for Harry Jepson
    questions for Harry Jepson
    Harry Jepson was an administrator not player and his questions reflected this
  • questions for Hilary Steel
    questions for Hilary Steel
    Hilary Steel is primarily involved in a voluntary capactity in amateur rugby and her questions were tailored accordingly
  • questions for Ikram Butt
    questions for Ikram Butt
    These questions were tailored to fit Ikram Butt's professional career and included a questions on whether his religion impacted on his training.

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